About Us

Orenä is an unusual name that is very close to my heart, the name of my late grandmother. An amazing lady, who spent endless hours with me as a child doing any creative activity that I could dream up, whose influence heavily shaped me as a person, and my future career in the Creative Industries.
It seemed to be the only name that I could give to my new venture, creating beautiful Stationery.

I come from a Fashion Design and Graphics background and I started out by creating close friends' special Occasion Stationery from time to time, which has bloomed into a lovely little business helping other couples create Stationery which best reflects their personality.

Due to my career in Fashion, I have a strong passion for design and attention to detail, from finding the right fonts (a typical designer!) through to selecting the perfect print base to sourcing vow-factor trims - this all contributes to Orenä Stationery helping you make a statement about your event.

Designs are influenced by this fashion background and I always endeavour to provide an insight into the latest trends using Industry Forecasting sites, ensuring our ideas and designs are fresh and constantly updating, striving to provide the best possible products.

Most importantly Orenä loves a challenge! Any requests, big, small or unusual - we will do our best to accommodate and help you realise your visions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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